Viewing the local antiquities

I knew her when. 
The blinds were drawn, but the windows were open against the heat.

We could hear the chat of neighbors, not six feet away, out on their deck; starting the grill, calling the children to order, as they played in the street.

We too were quiet: Except for our gasps, and our laughter: the slap slap slap of our flesh: and faint squelching.

Then, I could pray, and I prayed every night: "Please, take care of Lan."

I got lucky, and she came in my bed.

She'd be thirty-four now. Her son would be six.


When I'm sixty, I'll call her.



mother i'd like to find. politely put by acronym finder, as i'm not up-to-date on my pop culture. i've never been able to pray, but i hope that lan and her boy are well all the same.

By Blogger dangerouspenguin, at August 30, 2004 8:58 PM  

As for the acronym expansion -- you could be right, at that.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at August 31, 2004 5:26 PM  

I mean you hadn't posted in a while is all.

just giggling chains and creating disorder. as i was meant to do.

By Blogger Murphy, at September 01, 2004 9:45 AM  

Not me, John. Acronym finder is the polite one. Perhaps we're both right, at that. And Murphy - perhaps you meant 'jiggling'?

By Blogger dangerouspenguin, at September 01, 2004 2:40 PM  

Thanks for sharing that John.

By Blogger Jenn, at September 02, 2004 9:54 AM  

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