Viewing the local antiquities

Two spoons, one cup: 
Lan and I sunnily share two scoops of vanilla topped with late strawberries:

And when there's no more but some cream and one strawberry, promptly halved, halved, halved, halved—

At Lan's urging I spoonsnatch the last bite.



So sweet, John. What lovers haven't done the same?

By Blogger dangerouspenguin, at August 26, 2004 11:59 AM  

ok who is Lan?

By Blogger Jenn, at August 26, 2004 12:48 PM  

Well, she's not in the index, is she....

By Blogger John Psmyth, at August 26, 2004 5:27 PM  

I couldn't find her there, maybe she is your someone special

By Blogger Jenn, at August 28, 2004 11:55 AM  

I don't lead a double life, at least not in that way. Not all posts are in the present; some are memories, as was this one. Nor is she indexed (see the note on what is indexed and what is not.) But you can try bloggger search on "Lan" for other posts about her. Thanks, as ever, for reading and commenting.

By Blogger John Psmyth, at August 28, 2004 8:25 PM  

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