Viewing the local antiquities

Fortunately, there are no new liens 
on my paycheck and so, ignoring:

  1. The old phone bill

  2. The old electrical bill

  3. The taxes on my little failed business

    1. from the Victoria Government

    2. from the Federal Government

  4. the envelope from my lawyer

  5. all other envelopes

I take a cheap room on the Plateau with the extra money; not enough, alas, for four hours: so three whores, for variety, or two whores, for thoroughness, though not, I think, one: my endurance is not quite up to that.

The opportunity cost of this weekend of whoring—what I risk by paying for that which I am about to take—is the interest and penalties the next entity to seize me by the throat will demand.

Then again, doesn't the concept of opportunity cost assume a future world tolerably like the present? A future world where entities balance the ledgers of gratification deferred? A future world that once seemed more likely than not?

Do I rationalize? Very well then, I rationalize.

Art may live, though I will not.
—September 11, 2004



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