Viewing the local antiquities

The corner. 
Again, the front door is padlocked shut; but this time the windows are boarded up, too.

It looks like the flames climbed up from the pizza joint on the first floor, up through the dorm and onto the top floor, and spread to Le Coq Joyeux next door, where there's a damp note tacked over the street menu saying Closed/Fermé.

There's yellow crime scene tape wound round the whole property, sealing off the dumpster hulked on the sidewalk, there to receive the debris: smoke- and water-damaged plaster, laths, couches, beds, monitors; ruined towels, uniforms, blankets, sheets:

Errant flames from a crackpipe in the basement?

A business dispute?

The first step to the mixed-use development the mozarella vendors have in mind for the property?

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The Corner
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