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Carnival of sin: Editor's note


Next week, we'll be hosting the Carnival of Sin here at Viewing the Local Antiquities.

How you can play:

1. Write up your post on sin. Don't be shy! Be interesting!

2. Submit a link to your post, and an excerpt from it, here.

3. Our reader, Angela Crackstaff, will review your work.

4. If she find it interesting enough, she'll direct that a link to your work be posted here at Viewing the Local Antiquities—along with the work of the other alpha sinners in the coming week.

Ms. Crackstaff also directs me to inform you that because of the, erm, volume of submissions, she cannot respond directly to individuals.

I'll speculate, I hope forgivably, on what Ms. Crackstaff might mean by "interesting." Here is a list of the seven sins, starting with very worst:
1. Pride (Superbia)
2. Envy (Invidia)
3. Anger (Ira)
4. Avarice (Avaritia)
5. Sadness (Tristia)
6. Gluttony (Gula)
7. Lust (Luxuria)
Surprising, is it not? Lust is all the way down at the tail of the list. Lust is easy—way easy. And can what is easy ever be very interesting? At least when the first fine careless rapture has passed?

Perhaps, in the circles that Ms. Crackstaff frequents, she hears entirely too much from the Lustful. Where, she asks, are the Gluttons? The Sad? The Greedy? The Enraged? The Envious? And where, above all, are the Prideful? Perhaps, this week, you can help her find out. And do show. Don't just tell.

A parting word: Nothing forbids you from mixing your sins. Shake them, then stir.

—John Psmyth


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I'm thinking of something with avarice in it. A bit of greed, a bit of pride, a bit of gluttony? Mmm, sounds like a wonderful night to me.

By Blogger Freya, at February 15, 2005 10:44 AM  

Think Tom Jones!

By Blogger John Psmyth, at February 15, 2005 5:24 PM  

I shall submit something, but on which one, I'll leave that as a surprise. It's a long weekend for me, so I'll ponder and write over the next 3 days for you...

By Blogger Trish, at February 17, 2005 8:30 PM  

Isn't it Sloth, not sadness?

By Blogger coturnix, at February 21, 2005 12:10 AM  

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