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Like any dedicated hobbyist, I've granted myself the simple pleasure of reworking my filing system—that is, the index in the sidebar at right. Of course, indexing is hot, once you think about it, but some antiquarians have also commented, in private mail, that the index is far too large, intimidating, and overshadows the entries.

Therefore, I've started to pull index categories out into posts of their own, to which I will then link from the sidebar. I started with the categories titled "Miscellaneous," which is why this morning's entries are titled Virtues and ethics, The spectrum, The letter R, Related things, and (in pride of place) Money. Ultimately, the sidebar should list individual entries only for service providers and services, with other categories on their own pages. I can then turn my mind to making individual VLA posts, erm, stickier by crosslinking in the form of the factual hypertext novel that VLA really is. My apologies to anyone who encountered these entries while their angle brackets were showing. The entries', I mean.

—John Psmyth



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