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by Susie Bright I typed "whores" into Googlism and got this result:
  1. whores is funky by robert shaw
  2. whores is the humorist's howl of bitter laughter at the entire bloated
  3. whores is funky by robert shaw
  4. whores is the humorist's howl of bitter laughter at the entire bloated
  5. whores is connected to the following things
  6. whores is connected to because
  7. whores is a log
  8. whores is annoyingly ridged
  9. whores is a group of or pertaining to dirty whores led by the first lady of dirty whores
  10. whores is the state capitol
  11. whores is the first online 'zine for all fans of that 70s show to bond and use the word 'whore' without being smacked
  12. whores is proof that pj o'rourke has a love/hate relationship with the united states government
  13. whores is interesting
  14. whores is stunning
  15. whores is a group of individuals dedicated to experiencing the very best in wines
  16. whores is your one
  17. whores is both a porn site and a guide
  18. whores is an adult site with graphic sex
  19. whores is available at
  20. whores is the houseband performing in the purgatory every night
  21. whores is a song about people
  22. whores is fun
  23. whores is most likely
  24. whores is killing
  25. whores is the correct name
  26. whores is that they have their own little "circle" of people who agree with them about everything they say
  27. whores is what the scene has been in dire need of for a longtime
  28. whores is fun"
  29. whores is a
  30. whores is a joyride through san francisco's butch scene that takes gleeful aim at quentin tarantino's overblown
  31. whores is the biggest webcam portal on the entire internet
  32. whores is the best it can be
  33. whores is exactly the sort of track
  34. whores is work of true genius
  35. whores is striking
  36. whores is easy
  37. whores is funky
  38. whores is an attempt to understand the working of government
  39. whores is no longer deemed suitable for a band who`s musical style had now
  40. whores is my webclique for people who own at least three domain names
  41. whores is linear and informative
  42. whores is wrong
  43. whores is murdered and mutilated
  44. whores is that our prices are too low
  45. whores is an ancient one
  46. whores is a confusing work; mamet wants the audience to be less concerned with who did what to whom than with who felt what and why
  47. whores is beyond belief
  48. whores is limited by the adult check ® system
  49. whores is glamorous in some aspects
  50. whores is a little better
  51. whores is when they tease you with the promise of something great in the members area by showing provocative poses or blurring
  52. whores is still in first yay
  53. whores is beyond me
  54. whores is a cannibal
  55. whores is the loveliest
  56. whores is more apt even than it seems
  57. whores is my favorite song
  58. whores is full
  59. whores is tiresome
  60. whores is a forgotten chapter for us now
  61. whores is
  62. whores is to take money from the whole family
  63. whores is finnish band who play "death
  64. whores is good
  65. whores is a one off thing
  66. whores is an entertaining book that aims to explain the american government
  67. whores is one of the highlights and the tracks just keep on coming with you&me and this is where i stand real gems
  68. whores is a great idea
  69. whores is entirely dependent upon whom one asks
  70. whores is a log book of a ship of fools on a quest for lost meaning

I don't know how to choose a favorite from so many; perhaps 15, 27, 56, and 70 would be my top four.

UPDATE Interestingly, this post seems to have moved VLA near the top on this Yahoo search.


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