Viewing the local antiquities

Is she, or isn't she? 

"She's a caretaker for a woman with cerebral palsy, so she has to go away for three and four days at a time."

—midriff babyfat spilling out pale as she rises,

"It sounds like she's just really busy."

swaggers up to the bar rolling her heavy suburban ass.

"It's disturbing to meet someone I think I'm getting to know well."

Black chainmail swing of her hair as she sits

"But that's not the case."

settles her cheeks in the chair, her low-cut black sweater pendulous shadowy promising

"I'm obsessing about this girl!"

her V's-creased indigo triangle as legs open she gives me her crotch.

"Crazy, but not dangerous."

Her coat's white alpaca. She's not fresh off the boat.

"Man, I can see it's—"


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