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Carnival of sin at VLA once more!


Our reader, Angela Crackstaff, notes that a combination of business travel and blogger intransigence has prevented this announcement from being posted in a timely fashion.

Next Monday, we'll be hosting the Carnival of Sin here at Viewing the Local Antiquities.

How you can play:

1. Write up, record, draw, or otherwise create your content on sin. Don't be shy! Be interesting!

2. Submit a link to your post, and an excerpt from it (if written), here.

3. Our reader, Angela Crackstaff, will review your piece.

4. If she find it stimulating enough, she'll direct that a link to your work be posted here at Viewing the Local Antiquities—along with the work of the other alpha sinners in the coming week.

For your reference:

Here is the last Carnival at VLA. And here is last week's excellent, artful carnival at Bawdy Bits. Here also is a list of sins.

Ms. Crackstaff also directs me to inform you that because of the, erm, volume of submissions, she cannot respond directly to individuals.

—John Psmyth


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Hi John, thanks again for hosting next weeks carnival :-)

By Blogger Alexa, at March 31, 2005 5:01 PM  

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