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Ceci n'est pas la FAQ


Thanks to the generosity of Dirty Talking Girl, Eden Gardener, and now Aphrodite Herself, there are now many more of you than there have been.

Some of you may have questions: Why is Viewing the Local Antiquities (VLA) what it is? Where does VLA take place? How this, how that, et cetera. A FAQ would answer such questions, but VLA does not need a FAQ: Each episode stands by itself, at least if you use your imagination—which statement alone should be enough to prove this work entirely the fiction it disclaims to be.

FAQ-like posts are indexed at right under Meta (scroll down. I know. I know). Subjects listed there include: morality, the blog's name, URL, a motivation for the design of the (wholly inadequate) index, and my choice to use the word "whore" for the heroines of these "adventures." The whores, of course, can speak for themselves, and often do.

In closing, let me issue this warning and plea: I am a regular poster, but not, perhaps, a regular as regular as you might like. However, the index gives you access to most past posts; these may be as sweet, as useful as the post that's momentarily on top. Please feel free to comment on all posts; all comments are read, and most are reciprocated. And, since "archives change when circumstances warrant," by commenting, even on posts from yesterday or long ago, you might help improve the antiquarian experience for everybody.

—John Psmyth



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